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4 Ways to be Original: Manjula Selvam

My introduction to Manjula Selvam’s work came in the form of chaos on the front porch, where I found her folding fan after meticulous paper fan from old magazine pages.

A day or two later, I glimpsed her daughter prancing through her living room in a gorgeous silver ballgown sewn from old refrigerator insulation.

Ania Witwitzka on Why We Stop Being Creative, and How to Start Again

Near the end of her time as an art student in the United Kingdom, Ania Witwitzka had an emotional collapse that sent her to back the deep woods of her native Sweden to reevaluate her life. It was the culmination of a creative struggle that began when she was 10, painting wooden jewellery at an after-school centre. Featured image: Painting by Ania Witwitzka.