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3 Ways to Work Around Your Ego

I’ve lost a lot of writing contests lately. Well, I didn’t lose them, exactly, but I definitely didn’t win anything. I’ve gotten a lot of plain old standard-issue rejection letters, too. It’s been a great opportunity to reflect on how my ego slithers into my creative work. Ultimately, the ego causes all my creative blocks, and probably yours too. It’s what tells me I’m a worthless human if people don’t like my writing, which is the thought underlying every other thought that stops me, thoughts like, But I can’t write until I’ve checked my email. It’s what tells me to write what’ll make me look good instead of what’s true. It’s what stops me from sharing what I’ve written. It pulls my attention to the reception of my work, and away from my real reasons for creating: to touch people, to make them laugh, to show them they’re not alone, to take them for awhile off their mental hamster wheels (we’ve all got them), and to give what I can. Still, I’ve made stuff and shared it. Luckily, we don’t have to lose …

4 Ways to Deal with Feeling Like a Fraud

“I don’t belong here,” I thought as I looked at the people around me in the fusty university basement. The Director of Carleton’s Master of Journalism program rattled off bios of each participant. My colleagues had founded magazines. They’d written for national newspapers. They were professionals. I’d written a few articles for the UBC student paper. That was it. Photo © Josephthomas |

Ania Witwitzka on Why We Stop Being Creative, and How to Start Again

Near the end of her time as an art student in the United Kingdom, Ania Witwitzka had an emotional collapse that sent her to back the deep woods of her native Sweden to reevaluate her life. It was the culmination of a creative struggle that began when she was 10, painting wooden jewellery at an after-school centre. Featured image: Painting by Ania Witwitzka.