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Stuck? Try This

A few weeks ago, while working on my novel, I got stuck. I’d come up with a story-within-my-story to explain my shapeshifters’ origins. It was interesting and clever, but it explained nothing.  Also, the chronology was f$%^ed. My struggles left me wondering if I was a fraud and full of shit. Aren’t I supposed to be an expert on creative blocks? How could I be having one? Why it’s OK to be stuck Because Creative Unblocking isn’t about never running into obstacles; it’s about knowing how to get around them. You don’t master it once and forever, either. It’s a practise, like yoga. That’s why I sometimes find it useful to re-read my own book. We all have wise and unwise parts of ourselves. My wisest self wrote Creative Unblocking. My unwise self authors my doubts. In her novel Medicine Song, my sister Celeste Lovick calls her heroine’s wisest self her “Inner Peace Chief”. An easy trick One way I’ve found to access mine is to write down a question before I go to bed and trust I’ll …

I Faced My Fears for 7 Days Straight. Here’s What Happened

On a bright day in late June, I sat in a vacant classroom at the school my mom founded and wondered why I was feeling stagnant.  I was working smart, so why was my momentum flagging? Surrounded by the bold drawings of children, I stared at my laptop and saw task after task I’d rescheduled repeatedly. They all had one thing in common: they scared me. Photo: Death to Stock.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

A few days before I returned to Canada after a 9-month trip through Albania, Greece, Nepal, India, Georgia, and England, I had a panic attack.

What if I’d never make a living as a writer? I’d have to go back to waitressing, and I’d probably end up serving all the people who hated me in high school. They’d snicker and complain about the food.

How to Feel How You Want to Feel When You Do Creative Work

I’ll let you in on a little secret: often, when I sit down to write, I feel like a squirmy toddler getting stuffed into a car seat.

Heck, I felt that way while starting to write this very post, before I reviewed the list I’ll show you in a minute. I thought, No one’s going to like this. It’s a dumb idea. I should write about something else. I’m just stealing from other, smarter people.