What I’m Doing Now

A fridge magnet saying "Art is a guaranty of sanity" instead of "Art is a guarantee of sanity".

I enjoyed finding this fridge magnet in the gift shop at MoMA during a recent trip to New York.

In addition to finishing an urban fantasy novel about a Pomeranian shapeshifter who has to save her people from a cannibal, I’m also preparing an 8-week Creative Unblocking workshop series.

It’ll start at the beginning of October in Fernie, British Columbia, thanks to an arts and culture grant from The Columbia Basin Trust.

Oh, and I’ve taken a job as Chief Communications Officer for a rapidly-growing artificial intelligence firm.

Interestingly, I’m finding that rather than crowding out my creative work, my “day job” fuels it. Apparently, that’s not so uncommon.

What I’m Reading

The Tides of Mind, by David Gelernter

I picked this one up at the Harvard bookstore on a recent trip to Boston. It’s an examination of human consciousness from a computer scientist’s point of view. It draws heavily (and beautifully) on perspectives from the greats of World Literature, and I find it soothing to read in the bath.

Player Piano, by Kurt Vonnegut

I adore Kurt Vonnegut so much that I’m willing to overlook the blatant sexism in this novel (it was first published in 1952). It’s a fascinating vision of what the world might look like if it were run entirely by machines. As you can see, the relationship between digital and analog has preoccupied me lately.

The Motivation Myth, by Jeff Haden

One of the most engrossing non-fiction books I’ve read, The Motivation Myth is about how success creates motivation, as opposed to it being the other way around. It’s packed with useful advice about how to achieve small daily successes in order to live a life of passion and determination. My only beef with it is that it seems to encourage workaholism.

What I’m Listening To


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PS: I got the idea for this page from my friend and accountability partner Niki Shmikis, Neophyte Philosopher. She got it from Derek Sivers.

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