The Book

What if you could break through the self-doubt that stops you from creating?

In this guide to the creative process, I lead emerging artists and writers step-by-step from a paralysed fear of starting to the release of work with beauty and power.

After struggling with my own writer’s block for more than a decade, I spent several years amassing a set of proven, practical tools that work for artists across disciplines.

If you’ve always wanted to write but think you suck at storytelling, long to perform but stages scare you senseless, or yearn to flood canvases with colour but can’t seem to pick up a paintbrush, Creative Unblocking will show you how to tap the brilliance inside you and bring it out into the world.

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“Through over 150 pages of joyous voice, Amanda presents a stream of exercises and starters for self-reflection. There will definitely be one which resonates with you—and I’m sure every reader who wants rid of their blocks now will find a strategy to help them.” – Anthony Smits,

“The book is a practical guide for all kinds of emerging artists, novice bloggers of all types (YouTubers, podcasters, etc.)” – Niki Shmikis,

“As someone who often runs into procrastination and self-doubt in the creative process, I found this book to be tremendously helpful. The author breaks the unblocking process into several sequential, practical steps which makes it easy to test out different techniques to see which work best. Unblocking comes in several different forms, and requires tips and techniques for different situations. Truscott offers numerous resources and exercises for combatting these, providing the reader with the tools needed to tackle any insurmountable situation.” – Chris Anselmo,