Creative Coaching

Are you struggling with a creative project?

I help emerging artists and writers with self-doubt, impostor syndrome, scheduling difficulties, procrastination, perfectionism, lack of inspiration, tricky environments, and generalised creative paralysis.

In doing so, I draw on my experience as an artist and as a former senior consultant for advertising agencies.

I know what you’re going through. I had writer’s block for most of a decade, but after several years of research and practise, I’ve created a proven, evidence-based approach to getting and staying inspired.

Right now, I’m offering a special introductory rate of $200/month.

What you get:

  • Weekly one-on-one 30-minute coaching calls.
  • A personalised unblocking plan.
  • Email support.

What you don’t get:

  • Critiques.
  • Judgement.

If, after the first month, your relationship with your art or writing hasn’t improved, I’ll refund your money.

If you’d like to work with me to be more inspired, passionate and productive, drop me a line via the contact form below.

“Amanda Truscott is a caring, insightful, enthusiastic cheerleader for us creative folks. Her positive attitude and simple steps made it easier for me to start getting back into a creative flow again. Being able to take Amanda’s advice and fit it into my lifestyle, as needed, has really helped.”

– Marcy Jackson, Commercial Artist, Red Cat Studio

“I’m fortunate to know Amanda since December 2016. Since then she gradually became my accountability partner. Through our weekly mastermind chat, I’ve learned that her consulting background combined with expertise in creative unblocking makes her great at coaching.

She is specifically a great fit for bright, unconventional individuals in the pursuit of creative endeavors that make them come alive.”

– Niki Shmikis, Neophyte Philosopher,

Interested? Let’s talk: