Why I Started This Blog

Do you have trouble completing creative work?

I started this blog to assist those who procrastinate, doubt themselves, and long to make beautiful things. Here you’ll find insights and interviews that’ll help you implement reliable systems for getting the muse to spill her guts.

I might also share the odd piece of short fiction, just for fun.

If you want to be more inspired, passionate, and productive, congratulations, and welcome. You belong among the painters, authors, dancers, photographers, sculptors, actors, and clowns. You belong among the creatively unblocked.

Who’s Amanda Truscott?

I’m a fiction writer, and I know what you’re going through. Although I’ve always surrounded myself with artists, I didn’t come to terms with being a writer until my 30’s. For decades, I battled some of the meanest creative blocks you’ve ever seen.


Photo: Kevin Urbanski

I’ve spent the last eight years studying the creative process. Now, I’m publishing fiction, non-fiction, and, of course, this blog. I have more ideas than I can use.

In the spring of 2016, I conducted “Practical Creativity” workshops for artists and writers in British Columbia. I learned we all face the same questions, regardless of how “successful” we are:

  1. Am I good enough to do this?
  2. What’s the point?

I can provide answers to both:

  1. Yes, you are.
  2. To participate fully in the gorgeousness of life.

I believe everyone who wants to do something creative can and should. When you make what’s calling you to make it, you can transform life’s garbage into shimmering things, and begin to feel connected and whole.

So, what do you say? Are you in?